RJ Lindelof

Internet entrepreneur, developer evangelist, technology enthusiast and innovator.

CTO and Co-founder of Thinkersize, LLC. - Lead architect on Cranium CoRE, Thinkersize’s initial offering. Cranium CoRE is a web based reading comprehension gameshow, for students 3rd-12th. Responsibilities include the software development, quality assurance, technical delivery and maintenance of Cranium CoRE. In addition to his technical abilities, RJ also acts as the visionary for the future of Thinkersize, LLC. RJ was instrumental in architecting, designing, and building the Cranium CoRE service, and was critical in helping the service grow and scale. RJ's experience and leadership through multiple generations across many platforms and product lines add significant value to the management team and reduces the overall technical risks.

CEO of RJL Software, Inc. - RJ founded independent software company initially focused on creating automation products and custom solutions for businesses to go paperless. These solutions started with desktop applications and utilities, moved on to web based solutions and web applications, websites and hosting. RJL Software currently owns and maintains over 110 internet properties. From an ad rotation service, photo hosting, tshirt site, ecommerce re-reselling sites, mobile sms services and reminder services to name a few.

When not working you can find RJ enjoying the outdoors at his cabin in central Wisconsin. The only place he "disconnects" from technology.

Full Resume - rj@rjlsoftware.com